We are the blog of our main site, shedreamsingreen.org. Our web-site concentrates on four key areas:

Environment- global warming, poaching, endangered species, wildlife, gardening, green spaces, new builds

Health- the food chain, buy local, what we eat, meat, veg , air-miles

Sustainability- renewable energy, waste, eco-system

Ethical fashion, jewellery and so forth- ethical and sustainable fabric, air-miles, workers rights

These areas are the backbone of our web-site that include news articles, recent developments, events as well as books, shopping and interesting facts.

We act as a directory and a linkage- we want to encourage people to visit their local-

Eggs farmers

Food coops


Farmers markets

We also want to connect people with their local communities and events that take place.

please visit shedreamsingreen.org for more news, discoveries and developments.


11 thoughts on “about

  1. Hello, it’s good to e-meet you. Thanks for following my blog – I’ll go now and follow yours – we might be going to disagree on some topics, so please let’s be polite! One topic I want to speak out on is cosmetic testing on animals, which has been illegal here for many years. Here’s a good summary of how people in our country misunderstand that http://www.understandinganimalresearch.org.uk/news/2013/04/two-thirds-of-the-british-public-are-unaware-animal-cosmetic-testing-is-illegal-in-uk/

    I look forward to reading your words.

    • I know it is illegal yet, firstly many things are illegal like drugs, but people still take these. Secondly, perhaps most importantly, Peta work internationally across borders, and many of their campaign take place outside the UK and Europe. My final point would be that the illegality of something does not stop it from happening and there are enough countries where animal rights are still being abused and therefore organisations such s Peta need to step in and stand up for animals that do not have their own voice.
      Your point about shoppers in the UK not knowing it is illegal to test on animals: the British population is idle and ignorant and worse when they are shoppers. They might groan at the sight of a Bangladeshi factory fire, but will happily patronize H&M.
      I might be a UK based writer, but my boundaries are international. UK based findings offer little insight and often merely expose the over-materialised society we have become who are happy to live in blissful ignorance much of the time.

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