FIRST CLASS travel and a carbon footprint 9 times economy class!

naughty posh people who like to travel in style…YES! finally someone has held such travellers to account..OK it might only be MSN news, but still the point remains and it is something I have been thinking about for some time… copied and pasted below. yes- it’s lazy  journalism but it captures the message and it is vital I share it with you …

First class air passengers may pose a greater threat to the environment than the average traveller.

New research shows those enjoying luxury service have a carbon footprint that is over nine times larger than the humble passenger crunched up in economy class, the Daily Mail reports.

Even a passenger in business class ticket has a carbon footprint that is around three times the size as someone in economy

The paper finds that compared with an average passenger a flier in economy class has a carbon footprint of 0.76, a business class traveller has a figure of 2.30 and a first class passenger has a massive 6.89 figure.

A carbon footprint measures an individual’s emissions of the greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming.

The research was carried out by The World Bank, which is attempting to reduce its own carbon emissions, according to

On Bing: More about carbon footprint



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