in the life of shedreamsingreen i have been to Spain to learn Spanish and left my edible garden in the hands of a trusted housemate.

I have recently been expanding the web-site and now it includes a section on tea, a ‘real-bread’ finder and I have added to the natural make-up section as well…

I am looking into natural alternatives a LOT especially for women, but I am also hoping to discover some excellent ways to create your own hand-washes for example.

How to make kohl…how to make cucumber water….how to darken your hair…these are posts I will add to the web-site over the next few weeks.

Avondale Park in Notting Hill has captured to popular imagination of green urbanites and definitely worth a visit to see the short and sturdy colourful grasses that are made for sitting, walking and picnicing on. Even though it looks too good to be sat on.

Happy days



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