my edible urban garden

a little update. well my sunflowers are making headway (no-not planning to eat these).

My rocket and cress are also peeping through too- my rocket it rocketing up!! And hopefully the rest of the herbs and veggies will also show signs of life in the next few days.

Top tip* (trial and error lesson) I did not press the soil down- so it is compressed- enough. I have now rectified this and hopefully my chillies, planted yesterday, will be a lot more comfortable. If the loser soiled (!) seedlings do not begin to emerge I will transport to firmer soil as directed. Note to me, ‘always read the label’ alas, we live and learn and this is a very good lesson. (It could be a little anti-climactic for a few days, but hopefully they are still within the parameters of a lifesaving move.)

Edible gardens are awesome, inside and out. I have opted for those that thrive both inside, like coriander and cress as well as those that can bear a harsh winter or two. We shall see what happens.

Finally- this is my thought of the day- kitchen should be ‘sun rooms with ample of light and warmth from the suns rays to encourage all householders to grow as many herbs and other edibles as is possible…a bit like these examples below:

Kitchen 1

Source: Ambience  additions 

To have these in bloom:

Oh! beauuuuuifuuuuuul, Source, a Google image response page. Click here. 

Finally, for a bit more inspiration, click here


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