is there such a things as ‘general waste?’

I was in a place called Harold Wood, Essex collecting a pre-loved futon for my new house-mate  Outside the Cooperative were three bins: one for plastic the other for paper and the other for ‘general’ waste,

This made me ponder the idea for a while (a little philosopher-like) as I could not comprehend why the bin acknowledged certain materials and not others. Even food can be broken down to find its way back to the place it came from (in most cases, at least).

I just think that every single bin in this country should be divided in to the relevant divisions. It is an extension of what already happens in the house, Waste is waste and it is vitally important that we acknowledge the gravity of the problem before we start shooting waste off into outer space. Not good.

Therefore all local councils should be more committed to changing the purpose of our bins and understand that they can be representative of positive change not merely streets free of rubbish. Collective action is what it will take to change the course of our planet and recycling/upcycling is key in securing such a change takes place.

What are your thoughts…?


One thought on “is there such a things as ‘general waste?’

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