Me and my SLR

In light of my research for two upcoming articles, one on hidden/secret gardens in London the second on street art, tomorrow I will be spending the day walking around London in the name of art and secret garden discovery…hee ho. Sometimes I love my job...(yes Dad, my job-heehee) . Although I am already mapping out a route in my head, firstly I know that this won’t become the route I follow as London is such a city that spontaneity is inevitable when the original plan is ‘vague’ and secondly, I hope spontaneity will indeed take over my day and I discover art and secrets off the beaten track.

Even though London is instilled in my head, her lanes, her alleys, her church yard greens, believe you me, there are avenues and nooks and crannies the most seasoned Londoner has yet to discover. London a city of layers, tomorrow will prove an adventure with an SLR that should return many a beautiful and enlightening picture.


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