what’s happened to the charity shops?

OK a few weeks ago I was in the RSPCA shop, and it was supposed to be a charity shop, as in a shop full of donated things  but nearly half that on sale was made up of brand new items? How is this even charity any more?

The shop was filled with ‘STUFF’, nick nacks and things you fill your house with. Yes, some items were pretty, etc, yet I began to wonder why this charity had branched out in this way?

Then today,about 1 minute ago, i happened upon  a British Red Cross Outlet,  i mean what does this mean,OUTLET how does outlet differ from charity shop?  Inside, everything was second hand, which is in keeping with its original concept.

It is not for the first time I have contemplated this…

What do you think?

Are the lines being blurred a little here?

Do they make bigger profits by selling new?

From where does the money come from to buy these new items?

Are they ethically made, in accordance with high principles?

Does the concept of charity shop change if the contents are brand new?

Certainly something to think about.


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