pack it in…packaging can change the world

The video below, and the stats that follow are depressing. Yet, we can still all play a part. recycling needs to play a bigger and more understood part in everyone’s lives and must become a regular and daily occurrence. Some stats from the EFF…

As a global consumerist society, we are almost literally addicted to packaging. estimates that each year Americans throw over 140,000,000,000 lbs of packaging into the bin annually. In the UK, it’s not really a different story. According to Harmless Packaging, around 30 million tonnes of household waste is generated in the UK every year, of which 5.9 million tonnes is packaging. The statistics are shocking, yet unsurprising.

What effects does this huge packaging waste problem have on our environment? As one example – about 96% of dead seagulls in Northern Scotland were found to have 28 pieces of plastic waste in their stomachs. And then there’s of course that horrifying garbage island the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific ocean that has been thoroughly investigated by Vice.

Yet still today most packaging is made from plastic, which can take up to 400 years to decompose, meaning that almost all plastic ever made, still exists on our planet. Approximately 80% of post-consumer plastic waste ends up in landfill with only 7% being recycled, and 95% of bubble-wrap ends up in landfills, according to Enviropack.


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