Grandma’s garden

I have just spent the afternoon with my grandmother who will be 87 in two weeks. Grandma is planning to plant beetroot this year. Her gardening aspirations are deeply ingrained in her psyche. Growing up in Cardiff during WW2, my grandmother understands the importance of utilising a green space to serve, not just a picturesque garden; but a greater purpose, that of providing fruit and vegetables.

Their modest urban garden grew beans, tomoatoes potatoes and more. I have tried many of Grandmas produce and her cucumber is better than any supermarket will offer.

And so I am led to think about the contemporary garden. We seem to have become inclined to create gardens that are well scuplted, minimalist or full of flowers. Yet, growing our own produce has taken a back seat.

As a result of stories the nostalgic narrative of a simpler time, and hearing of the satisfaction of enjoying your own produce I am going to embark on a series of posts on the subject ‘Grandmas garden’.



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